The Estate The Vineyards. The People

Since ever the people at Ripa d’Orcia Castle have been taking care of the land and of his natural products with great passion and tenacity.
The official deeds kept at the Castle (from XVI century onwards) states that the vines and the olive trees were cultivated wherever it was viable. In particular the vineyards, either specialized or together with other productions, were concentrated near the farmhouses and in the land around the Castle – where the people could protect them from the animals and the thieves.

From the end of XIX century in the different family estates the cultivation of the vines and of the olive trees was developed aiming to obtain red and white wines, sweet wine (vinsanto), vinegar and olive oil. In particular the care of the Sangioveto and Canaiolo grapes (for the red) and Trebbiano (for the white) let the people get and appreciate the fruit of this tough and rough land that can be also so generous with his inhabitants.




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