The Property is proud to announce that since 2008 the famous Dutch artist MIRIAM SLAATS has honoured us with her inspired Work Art aimed to enhance and value our two new wines : the white wine LE PIAGGIE and the red wine RIPAGRANDE.

Miriam Slaats - Goog morning Beautiful - Day Side Issue


“By contrast, the red wine RIPAGRANDE is more robust; a wine with an appealing deep ruby colour with a more full and structured character … I believe that this is a more masculine wine. The painting whose title is “Side Issue” shows these masculine and powerful elements. Here we see an abstract circle reminding the grape. The powerful muscles of a beautiful Adonis are also shown in the painting. Accordingly the brush strokes are powerful and the image is strong. A thick line of red paint that adds spontaneity to the work is extremely appropriate for the wine RIPAGRANDE.


“I think that the white wine LE PIAGGIE is a light, feminine, fresh and open wine…’Good morning Beautiful day!’ is a work that incorporates these elements. The image is open, the figure of the beautiful woman who open her arms as if she struggles to free herself from the restrictions of the circle and who faces the world without pretension I believe it’s appropriate to show the elegance of this wine. The stunning shape of the circle that hints to the curves of the grape together with the delicate use of the colour makes this painting right for the LE PIAGGIE”.

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